Dr. King's Greatest Sermons on Faith and Social Justice

"The struggle to eliminate the world's evils - evils so flagrant and self-evident that they glare at us from every ghetto street and rural hovel - can only occur through a profound internal struggle. By reaching into and beyond ourselves and tapping the transcendent moral ethic of love, we shall overcome these evils. Love, truth, and the courage to do what is right should be our own guideposts on this lifelong journey. Martin Luther King Jr. showed us the way; he showed us the Dream - and we responded with full heart. Martin was an optimist. I am too. I do believe that one day our strength to love shall bring the Dream to fruition and the Beloved Community to earth."
Corretta Scott King Strength to Love: Foreword
dr. martin luther king jr.
"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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The Power of the Words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Introducing: Strength to Love, A Tribute to MLK Jr.

Welcome to the Strength to Love website, A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King was a key figure in the fight for civil rights, a proponent of democracy, and one of the greatest human beings in history. He espoused words of love and courage - words that still ring loud and true today through the hearts of many.

I know for me personally, I still read Dr. King's words religiously as inspiration on how I believe a human should live their life, not only as a good Christian, but as a loving human being, who has a duty to society to spread love, faith, and courage amongst all people in these dark times. By these dark times, I mean a vast inequality in wealth, a diminishing of the rights that are sacred to many in our American democracy, and a threat so prevelant and dangerous to our democracy, that we cannot ignore it and let it continue to bear down on the greatest democracy in history.

I hope you find this website encouraging and Dr. King's words fruitful. I aim to share with you one of my favorite texts of all times, with my own personal analysis (hopefully the analysis of others in the future), and spread the love and courage of my personal hero.

If you believe in the mission of Strength to Love, I would love it if you could share with friends and family, or be so kind as to donate to my cause. Personally, I have faced the economic hardships of our times and it would help me in so many ways. But it would also provide incentive and encouragement to put in as much time as possible in to making this website as great as possible - there are economic tradeoffs, and while I don't expect any monetary rewards for my efforts, it would be a great economic motivator to continue to put as much effort as possible to continute to spread the wonderful words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank you for checking out my site - I am truly grateful you have spent the time to read and share this text with me. Until next time, may you be blessed with everlasting love and the courage to stand up for the message of one of our great leaders in history.

-Andrew Weisbeck, Creator & Admirer of Dr. King